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Primer.style 🎨
Primer.style - GitHub's Stylesheet.
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Anaxes • 📆 Published on August 4, 2022 • 🍿 1 min read

Ever been mesmerised by GitHub's UI? Well you longer need to! GitHub has published all of it's styling, free for anyone to use!

🍧 How to use

To get started you want to install the following packages:

# with npm
npm install @primer/components react react-dom styled-components

# with yarn
yarn add @primer/components react react-dom styled-components

Now you want to import/require the packages in your files:

import {Box, Flex} from '@primer/components';

🎉 And that's all you need!

Now, you can use GitHub's UI within your project!

Don't forget to check out 📎primer.style documentation for code on specific components, buttons, etc.

📆 Initially published: 7th of November.